Report a Covid-19 Positive Case

To report a positive case of Covid-19, please email, and notify your child’s teacher.

While positive cases among the members of our community are likely in a time of global pandemic, the measures we have in place are keeping the teachers and students in our building, our families, and our wider community safer each and every day.

Like many of you, we are closely following the news about the most recent COVID variant and are aware of the wide range of responses from other schools as students return from summer break. We have updated the Safe Return Plan on our website and encourage you to read through it.

In light of changing CDC guidelines and the disparity between the rapid rate of spread and the typical mildness of the current variant, we have made a few adjustments to our policy. We have updated the required quarantine period for positive cases to 5 days past the onset of symptoms, and will no longer mandate that close contacts within a household quarantine, though a family may choose to keep a student home.

It is important to recognize as a community that COVID will be an ongoing reality in our lives and schools. It is to be treated seriously and responsibly, but not given the latitude to broadly disrupt the work happening every day on our campuses in service to your children. In addition to addressing COVID, our Safe Return Plan is mindful of the entire well-being of each child, including their mental and emotional health as well as the learning losses suffered as a result of pandemic restrictions over the past two years.

We are grateful for the care you have shown in closely monitoring your own children and taking precautions when they are ill to ensure that spread does not occur on campuses. Parents and staff should adhere scrupulously to our health policy and attendance guidelines regarding illnesses. We will continue to monitor the health of our students and staff closely and to take appropriate steps.

If you have concerns or questions that our website does not address, please reach out to