7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum Overview

Literature and Composition II: This course continues the in-depth study of grammar, vocabulary, literature, writing, and discussion skills begun in 6th grade Literature and Composition. Texts include The Call of the Wild, The Miracle Worker,  Treasure Island, and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Students continue to refine their writing skills with a focus on various types of paragraphs and a transition into longer essays.

Why Learn Sentence Diagramming


History: An examination of the major inventions, political and economic developments, military strategies, and literary qualities unique to various places and times in the ancient world. Although the focus is on Mesopotamia, Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, students also study other cultures, including the Persians and the Hittites. Texts include primary sources as well as a textbook. 7th grade also spends a unit on Texas history.

Pre-Algebra: An introduction to necessary pre-algebraic and algebraic skills. Our enriched class lays the foundation for an array of courses, including geometry, advanced algebra, calculus, chemistry, and physics

Life Science: A course that explores the plant and animal world through an investigation of anatomy, classification, basic life processes, and ecological significance of organisms. The class includes multiple projects/dissections, and a significant unit on native plants and animals.

Latin I: A continuation of the 6th grade course, emphasizing the mastery of grammatical details such as endings/forms, passive and active voices for all tenses, and translation of intermediate texts. Roman culture is also explored further, through the reading of literary and historical documents.

Music I: This course serves as an introduction to basic music theory. Students learn to read and use notation using the treble, bass, and movable-C clefs. They also learn about modes and scales, key signatures, and basic rhythm and meter patterns. Students apply their knowledge to a discussion of recordings of great works by various composers.