Andrew Duininck, Founding Headmaster of Great Hearts Arlington


Dear Friends of Great Hearts Arlington,

It is an honor to serve as the founding headmaster of Great Hearts Arlington and I look forward to the profound impact it will have on your child and family. From the time my wife and I moved from teaching internationally to join Great Hearts in Phoenix, Arizona, to bringing our family to San Antonio as a part of the founding team that brought Great Hearts to the state of Texas, and to now establishing our second community for tuition-free classical education in Tarrant County, I have seen first-hand the impact that this education can have on students, families, and entire communities.

In August of 2021, we will open our doors with grades K-7 adding an additional grade each year until we become a K-12 campus. The motto of Great Hearts Academies “Verum, Pulchrum, Bonum”- “Truth, Beauty and Goodness” guides us as we offer a curriculum that will invigorate our students’ minds as well as their hearts. The great books of our Western tradition will ignite their imaginations, while simultaneously facilitating conversations about wisdom and philosophy. Our Singapore Math program takes students on a journey, demonstrating concepts in concrete, real forms before revealing the same idea through pictorial representations that conclude with the familiar, yet abstract, equations, formulas, and algorithms. Primary historical sources will complement an in-depth history curriculum, and science class will be investigative and exploratory.

Additionally, our students will develop specific skills while emulating beautiful art, they will study and enjoy masterworks of music, they will engage in rigorous physical education while developing teamwork and gross motor skills, and will study foreign languages. In sum, our students will be well prepared to engage with the world and continue to learn, grow, and develop outside the classroom.

Our desire for Great Hearts Arlington is not only to provide a rigorous program of study but a joy filled school. More than a curriculum, we will be a community—a nurturing home for learners and leaders. We are proud to create a haven for learning that unifies us in a common and noble pursuit. Faculty and staff are carefully selected and developed for their professional expertise, moral character, and aspirational vision for education. Students will grow as friends and citizens within a joyful and ordered culture that honors their humanity while developing the habits of mind and heart that will lead to personal, professional, and civic virtue. Families will find a faculty and staff that is eager to partner with them in support of their students and the wider community.

I have seen as a teacher, headmaster, and parent, how the vision of Truth, Beauty and Goodness inspires students and brings out the best in each one. We believe this education will benefit you and your children for the rest of their lives.