Meet the Teacher 2022

Families, we are so eager to welcome you to the 2022–2023 school year! Please plan to join us for our annual Meet the Teacher celebration to drop off supplies and medication, purchase planners, pick up carline placards, see your child’s classroom and, of course, meet your child’s new teachers!

We have added multiple timeslots in order to accommodate all families. Due to limited parking, we encourage parents to join us during one of our two “come and go” Meet the Teacher sessions:  Monday, August 8th, between 3pm-7pm or on Tuesday, August 9th, between 12pm-4pm. Kindergarten students have a separate orientation event on Friday, August 5th.

Friday, August 5th, 6pm-7:30pm Kindergarten Orientation (Kinder students only)

Monday, August 8th, 3pm-7pm 1st – 8th grade

Tuesday, August 9th, 12pm-4pm 1st – 8th grade

*PARKING IS LIMITED.* Should the back parking lot fill up, parents are encouraged to find parking off of Eden Road and walk up to the campus.

In addition to your child’s teachers, the following school faculty and staff will be available in the front hall and gymnasium throughout Meet the Teacher:

  • Leadership Team
  • Nurse McDougall & Nurse Maes
  • Parent Service Organization (PSO)
  • Holli Tucker, Campus Coordinator for Athenaeum and Co-Curricular Programs
  • Stacy Feeley, Director of Academy Giving
  • Reginald Terrell, Special Education Coordinator
  • April Clark, ESL Coordinator
  • Cynthia Murray, Section 504 Coordinator

What time should we come to the school?

Great Hearts Arlington families (parents/guardians and students) should join us on campus during the following times:

Please Note: The Meet the Teacher celebration is meant to provide your family an introduction to the teacher and the classroom. There will be further opportunities throughout the year to meet with teachers about specific issues or concerns pertaining to your child.

How will we purchase planners and parent communication folders?

  • Parent Communication folders (all students) and student planners (1st-8th Grade only) are available to purchase online. This year, we are asking parents to also pre-pay a $25 field trip fee. For your convenience, these beginning of year packages have been bundled by grade level.

What should we bring?

How will I find out who my child’s teachers are?

  • Families can expect an email from their child’s teacher during the week of August 1st-August 5th.
  • Teacher assignments and Grade-Level Packets will be available at the front desk during Meet the Teacher.

Medication Drop Off

Meet the Teacher will provide Great Hearts Arlington parents the opportunity to bring in all prescribed/over-the-counter medications that your child will need for the upcoming school year. The appropriate Request for Medication Administration form below will need to be filled out when the medication is dropped off. This will also be the scheduled time to fill out and turn in all other medical forms and action plans.



May I walk my student to class on the first day of school?

Our carline procedures make it unsafe for parents to get out and walk students into the school building. Allowing your child to hop out of the car in carline that morning and walk into his/her new school ready for a great day of learning is a gift, especially for children who may be inclined to suffer separation anxiety. We will have lots of teachers available outside and in our hallways to make sure our newest scholars are given a warm welcome and make it to the right place. Please do not park and walk your students in.

One thing some families have found helpful is coming to school before the first day and driving through the carline with your child to practice! You can also help your child to recognize the type and color of vehicle that will be picking them up each day so that they can tell our teachers and we can get them to the right car in the afternoon as quickly as possible.

First Day of School FAQ

Please click here for more information regarding the first day of school!

For any questions about Meet the Teacher, please reach out to the Director of Campus Operations at